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Good warehouse flooring in Brackley can make a huge difference to any warehouse space, providing stable footing and greater protection compared to a generic flooring solution.

As professional warehouse flooring providers, we understand how important it can be to replace concrete floors with something more effective.

Our wide range of flooring solution options in Brackley are all able to fill particular niches, offering easy solutions to a range of flooring challenges.

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Who Are We?

Our Brackley Warehouse Flooring team is made up of a range of specialists and industry veterans, each of which has experience in the industrial and commercial flooring industries. Our work focuses on providing a suitable flooring solution to any customer in need of replacement floors.

Having worked in the industry for many years, our experts in Brackley know how to pinpoint the right flooring solution for each warehouse or other industrial/commercial space.

Offering a mixture of quality, durability and aesthetically pleasing designs, we do our best to deliver the ideal flooring solutions for each client.

Accredited Warehouse Flooring Installers Brackley

Our long history within the warehouse floor niche has given us plenty of praise and reviews, as well as some major accreditations from notable industry bodies.

Each flooring solution we provide is crafted to the highest quality possible, using a range of excellent-quality materials and proven techniques to provide award-worthy warehouse floor options time and time again.

15 Years Experience in Brackley Flooring

With fifteen years of experience under our belt, our team understand how to provide a flooring solution that works. Whether we are looking for suitable flooring or actively trying to overhaul an existing concrete floor from scratch, we have the knowledge to get the job done.

Our experience has also given us strong connections throughout the industry in Brackley, letting us supply things like durable warehouse floor tiles or resin flooring at a cheaper price. We pass these savings along to the client whenever possible, giving them a range of great options at a fair cost.

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Why Choose Us for Your Warehouse Flooring?

As professional warehouse floor suppliers in Brackley, we understand how hard it can be to select, install and maintain flooring without expert oversight. Each flooring solution we install is carefully chosen from the highest quality options we have available, suited to each client’s specific needs.

When we install new industrial-grade warehouse flooring, we are not just focusing on an attractive finish. Our team are able to deliver an aesthetically pleasing warehouse floor without compromising durability, chemical resistance or any other factors that might be important in your workplace.

Great Variety

We can provide a wide range of warehouse flooring options in Brackley, from resin flooring layered over existing concrete floors to specialised warehouse floor tiles.

Our wide variety of sturdy warehouse floor options means that we can find one suitable for any client, no matter how specific their needs may be.

Great Quality

We put quality first and foremost, trying to provide warehouse floors in Brackley that our customers can rely on regardless of their exact needs.

A warehouse is a space that requires proper equipment to operate effectively, and flooring is no exception. Our stock of floor options is chosen for overall quality, no matter the type.

Great Service

Our team work hard to ensure fast, consistent service and support for each floor installation project. Whether there is an issue pouring resin flooring or problems layering warehouse floor tiles over concrete floors, we always work to remedy problems quickly.

As professionals in Brackley, we know that mistakes sometimes happen, and we do our best to minimise the chances of errors while also providing customers with compensation or support as needed.

What is Warehouse Flooring?

Warehouse flooring is a vague but specific category of flooring products, usually meaning any flooring solution meant for a warehouse or similar commercial/industrial space.

Most resilient warehouse floor options in Brackley are designed to tackle the daily challenges of warehouse operation, such as light vehicle traffic or potential chemical spills. This means that it needs to be durable, versatile, and simple enough to work in a variety of spaces.

We offer a good range of different heavy-duty warehouse floor options, all of which can fulfil different roles or provide their own unique benefits.

As experts in our field, we know how to recommend the right flooring option for each warehouse space or other industrial/commercial area.

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Types of Warehouse Floors

The nature of warehouse flooring means that there is not just one flooring solution for each situation. In fact, we stock a wide range of different types of flooring for these industrial and commercial spaces, all meant for different uses.

The warehouse itself can also change the type of flooring that you may need. For example, certain unsafe materials may need a more durable or damage-resistant option, whereas a vehicle storage warehouse would need to put up with heavy traffic on a regular basis.

We stock a wide range of seamless warehouse flooring solutions in Brackley, so do not hesitate to talk to our experts if you need to know more about any particular options. We are committed to helping each client find the floor that fits their needs best.

Epoxy Warehouse Flooring Brackley

Epoxy resin flooring is a very popular choice if you need something durable and chemical-resistant. While it might not be the cheapest option, epoxy resin flooring can still provide great advantages over other options and can last a long time without needing repairs.

Epoxy resin flooring is highly resilient, and the fact that you apply it over the existing concrete floors means that it can level out uneven spaces.

This makes it a common choice for general-purpose warehouse spaces or specialised chemical storage areas where spills are a very real threat.

Polyurethane Warehouse Flooring Brackley

Polyurethane flooring is flexible, elastic and very good at enduring corrosion. While you most often see this flooring used for sports courts, it is also popular for commercial areas and industrial warehouses.

Polyurethane looks similar to epoxy resin flooring at first, but it is softer and stretchier than epoxy resin overall. This makes it more resistant to physical damage, allowing it to endure heavy traffic (including constant foot traffic) well.

Compared to epoxy resin flooring, polyurethane is also tough when faced with cold or freezing temperatures, meaning that the surface will not break if you are using refrigeration units to store important goods.

Epoxy Concrete Warehouse Flooring Brackley

Epoxy concrete is not really a distinct floor type but instead refers to covering over a concrete floor with epoxy resin flooring. This provides the benefits of epoxy resin flooring and a refreshed concrete floor base, which can often make a big difference.

This is quite a common choice for garage floors or warehouses where vehicles like pallet trucks are in constant use. The epoxy resin flooring provides direct durability to the floors, while the concrete offers a tough base to keep the resin flooring from suffering too much harm.

Polished Concrete Warehouse Flooring Brackley

Polished concrete floors are tough and do not take much to maintain, and they often look very appealing too. They make for a very cheap floor option that can manage heavy loads well and are easy to clean since you can wash them without the damp lingering for too long.

This water resistance also means that wet conditions do not impact the floors and that damp spaces are easy to deal with. As a flat surface, it is easy to make concrete slip-resistant, giving it a range of uses within a warehouse space.

However, concrete surfaces have no “give” and are hard underfoot. They also rely on the quality and care put into the concrete itself – uneven pouring or poor-quality materials can make a worse floor overall, often requiring an epoxy resin flooring coat just to even it out.

Brackley Warehouse Flooring Installation

We provide careful, professional installation of a range of anti-slip warehouse floor options to sites all across the UK. Our team are well-equipped to install a wide range of flooring solution options based on each customer’s needs, ensuring maximum quality at every step of the process.

We offer our services in Brackley and do our best to arrange convenient and short-notice delivery and installation for businesses and sites in even the most remote areas of the UK.

If you have concerns about the delivery of specific flooring options or want to know more about projected installation times, contact us and talk to some of our experts to learn more.

Warehouse Flooring Cost Brackley

On average, a meter squared of warehouse flooring should cost around £85 ex. VAT. However, this is an average made up of a lot of different points of data.

The average cost of warehouse flooring varies between £30 to £150 ex VAT per meter squared, depending on the specifics, with the material choices usually having the biggest impact.

Many different factors can influence the cost of moisture-resistant warehouse flooring, including:

We always try to keep prices fair, making sure that customers are getting the flooring they need for a price that suits their budget.

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Benefits of Warehouse Flooring

High-quality warehouse flooring in Brackley can have a lot of major benefits, even in the most basic of warehouse spaces. This includes advantages like:

Improved Chemical Resistance

Many of our epoxy resin flooring options and other solutions are incredibly chemical-resistant, leading to better safety overall.

Extra Durability

Our warehouse flooring options are more durable than standard concrete flooring, creating a tough surface that can withstand heavy loads.

An Attractive Finish

We can make each floor look aesthetically pleasing, from simple polished concrete to a custom resin floor coating.

Defined Flooring Spaces

We can create walkways and other defined spaces for foot traffic, delivering heavy loads, or moving vehicles around garage floors safely.

This also includes markings to keep vehicles like pallet trucks and fork trucks from crossing into foot traffic areas.

Longer-Lasting Surfaces

Our flooring options are long-lasting, allowing warehouses to focus on their work while knowing that they have a tough, durable surface just underfoot.

Better Vehicle Support

We can provide custom flooring for any warehouse space where pallet trucks, fork trucks and other vehicles are in constant use.

Our flooring is chosen for its durability, and we make sure that your new warehouse floor tiles will not break or warp just because you use fork trucks in your warehouse space.

Easier Repairs

Most of our flooring options – especially an epoxy resin floor – can be easily repaired. We can pour epoxy fresh resin floor coats onto your existing epoxy resin floor to refresh the surface, restoring the attractive finish and even the epoxy resin coating.

Beyond epoxy resin floor options, we can also provide similar repair services to other floor types, such as helping to repair and replace damaged concrete.

Easier Maintenance

We can also provide maintenance advice and services to ensure that your new epoxy resin flooring does not wear out too fast.

We do our best to supply the right kind of epoxy resin floor to each of the warehouses we work with, ensuring that you get an epoxy resin floor that can stand up to your expected level of traffic, wear and tear.

Smoother Surfaces

We can provide smoother epoxy resin flooring coats to create an even flooring, improving safety and making it easier for vehicles or wheeled equipment to move around those warehouses properly.

Quick Install Times over Concrete Floors

Our team offer quick install times in all warehouses. From epoxy resin floor tiles to fresh concrete with a custom epoxy resin floor coating, we work hard to deliver results as fast as possible.

Easy Floor Replacement with Warehouse Floor Tiles/Coatings

We can provide epoxy resin floors as a quick replacement for existing flooring solutions, allowing customers to quickly replace any old or worn-down floors that are no longer suitable for their warehouses.

Tough Protection

Our flooring options are meant to be durable and damage-resistant, ensuring that they will not crack or warp from a single heavy impact.

Better Damp Space Management

Our epoxy resin flooring, including warehouse floor tiles, can help prevent rising damp in wet conditions. This also makes our epoxy resin flooring much easier to clean or dry if it is already damp.

Greater Quality

Our epoxy resin flooring is designed for maximum quality, offering greater protection than domestic resin floors while also bringing the same domestic resin advantages to the table.

Wider Variety

We offer a wide variety of warehouse floor tiles, coatings and surface options. Even among our commercial and industrial epoxy resin flooring, we offer the same amount of variety as domestic resin, giving customers an extensive range of options to pick from.

Cheaper Costs

We try to keep costs low, aiming for the lowest possible prices ex. VAT. Our team can break down the costs ex. VAT for each epoxy resin flooring option, and provide quotes for both ex. VAT and including VAT to help you understand the projected costs.

Easier Budgeting

Whether you are looking for the cheapest option ex. VAT or want something on par with the cost of domestic resin, our team can provide cheaper options that allow for easier budgeting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of flooring is used in warehouses?

Epoxy resin flooring is the most common choice used in warehouses and is made to be stronger than domestic resin options.

What is the best floor coating for a warehouse?

In general, epoxy resin is the most versatile floor coating for industrial spaces.

Which is suitable flooring for an industrial building?

There are a range of different flooring options that can work for an industrial space. Our team are fully prepared to break down the differences as needed.

How thick should a warehouse floor be?

Warehouse floors should generally be around 6 to 7 inches thick for the best results, but this depends on the flooring type and coating options.

How much weight can a warehouse floor hold?

The weight limit of flooring depends heavily on the materials used. Our experts can help you pick out a flooring option that fits your needs best.

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Warehouse Flooring provided exceptional service from start to finish. Their team guided us through flooring options, and the epoxy installation was efficient and precise. The result is a stunning and durable floor that exceeded our expectations.

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